Living Room series




"Small minds discuss people. Great minds discuss ideas."

The Living Room Series is inspired by 18th century French salons where a cross-section of society would gather to discuss ideas and share their passion for music and the arts. Through our events, we aim to gather people with different lives, backgrounds and stories to expand everyone's perspective and build a community through music, art and words.

In the advent of the digital age, it is easy to get caught up in the latest gossip, political scandal or what someone said on Twitter.  

Let's bring back the days where substantive ideas are discussed in person and where music and art are expressed in its purest form without the cacophony of background noise.



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What Can I expect AT a Living Room Series event?

Come with an open mind and get ready for a unique experience.

Unlike traditional events where there is a clear divide between the performer and the audience, the Living Room Series invites active participation from everyone in the room. Our capacity is intentionally limited to maintain an intimate setting.

Attendees are encouraged to engage in dialogue with others, and chime in during panel sessions and intermission breaks. We also allocate extra time at the end of the event to facilitate discussions with other attendees. In short: there will be lots of great discussions!

Who are the speakers/Artists?

The lineup has been carefully curated to ensure an extraordinary evening. To ensure that all artists and speakers are given equal attention, we typically keep the lineup secret right up to the beginning of the show.

You also get up close and personal with the speakers. There‚Äôs no backstage here, so get to know them and chat with them.

how can i help?

The Living Room Series is currently active in four cities worldwide (Calgary, Vancouver, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City). Contact us at hello@livingroomseries.ca to find out how to bring the Living Room Series to where you live. 

We are always looking for volunteers to take part, whether you are an event planner, artist, speaker, photographer, videographer, business owner, we would love to hear from you. Email us at hello@livingroomseries.ca